Immersive Ads, Enhanced Earnings

Interstitial Ads: Maximize Engagement, Maximize Revenue

Transform your website's monetization strategy with Interstitial Ads, designed for website owners seeking a powerful impact. These full-screen ads serve as a transition point within your site's user journey, offering a captive audience for advertisers while ensuring high engagement and substantial revenue potential.

Achieve Full-Scale Earnings
Interstitial Ads
  • Engage Beyond the Browser

    Engage Beyond the Browser

    In-Page Push ads provide a unique advantage by engaging users directly on your site, even if they haven't subscribed to notifications. This broadens your reach, allowing you to capture the attention of more visitors with highly visible, clickable ads tailored to their interests and behaviors.

    Command User Attention
  • Customizable, User-Friendly Monetization

    Customizable, User-Friendly Monetization

    Customize your Interstitial Ads to match your site's look and feel, optimizing for user experience and revenue. Our platform allows you to control timing, frequency, and content, ensuring ads are both effective for advertisers and acceptable for users, maintaining a positive site experience.

  • Effortless Integration, Immediate Impact

    Effortless Integration, Immediate Impact

    Integrate Interstitial Ads into your website effortlessly, with our platform providing a straightforward setup process. Start benefiting from this engaging ad format immediately, enhancing your site's monetization potential with minimal effort and no need for technical expertise.

    Enhance Your Revenue
Expand Monitor, Analyze, Optimize

Real-Time Insights, Real-Time Growth

Dive into comprehensive reports with real-time statistics. Track impressions, clicks, CTR, CPM, and income with precision. Make data-driven decisions to continually enhance your ad strategy.


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