Revolutionizing Website Monetization

AdSpyglass emerged from website developers' real-world challenges, aiming to transform ad network market dynamics. Our vision is to make monetization effortless and more profitable for webmasters worldwide, providing a solution that boosts income and simplifies the ad management process.

About Us

From Idea

Our story began in 2004, amidst the evolving landscape of website creation, promotion, and monetization. While the digital world rapidly changed, we noticed a stagnation in the ad network industry. This observation sparked our mission to create a change, leading to the development of AdSpyglass.

to Impact

Today, we proudly stand as a testament to innovation in ad management, providing an effective tool that has transformed into an indispensable asset for managing website ads.

Our Mission

AdSpyglass represents a mission to reform the ad network industry into a transparent, fair system focused on webmasters success and satisfaction. We're dedicated to ensuring publishers have the best tools to monetize their content effectively and profitably.


Our Solution

Our platform offers publishers the flexibility to sell traffic directly through their accounts, engage with our SSP marketplace (RTB), or connect with direct advertisers. Meanwhile, our DSP platform enables advertisers to purchase traffic directly, ensuring minimal commission rates that do not exceed 10%, and in some cases, are completely waived.


Join Us on Our Mission

Discover how AdSpyglass can transform your website's monetization strategy, and join a growing community of publishers who are already experiencing the benefits of our innovative platform.